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Generative Art and Visuals

This session involved looking at rule based visual art systems and generative art creation. Self-designed rule sets were created and tested using paper and pens to create art. These sequences were then modified into code to create digitally generated art


Using Paper and physical design to create ideas



Iteration 1: Circles and Lines

Before fully understanding how to create my ruleset in oF, I created this by accident. I was struggling to understand matrix popping and pushing, but in the process created a series of circles and lines in a rotating pattern. I parameterised some of the key features to control the art live and outputted these pieces:

Piece 1: Dots and Lines


Piece 2: 20200206000210


You can find a video of this code in action here: [1]

Iteration 2: LeftToRightLines


Generative Composition and Music

This lesson featured various generative composition techniques, and the idea of using random or rule-based approaches to music creation and playback. I created two outcomes which are outlined below.


Iteration 1: Dice Music

In this session we looked at generating compositions through dice and rules. This was a technique unofficially attributed to Mozart that involves a series of pre-composed phrases that are chosen to be played at random using dice outcomes.

I chose to use a Teenage Engineering OP-Rhythm and used dice to generate which voice would play, as well as how many times and when over the course of 16 beats.


Democratic Songwriting

I have also employed generative composition techniques in my own practice. Democratic songwriting is the act of choosing notes or chords at random with other musicians and playing them simultaneously to make new chords and harmonies. I have utilised this in a band practice with a friend. This is a great method of generating composition as it has an unintended Markov Chain effect in the sense that, from listening to the previous iteration, each player internalises it and has their own assumption as to where it should go whilst also trying to act randomly, meaning music is composed both preferentially and randomly.

Iteration 2: Generative playback for audio

I took initiative to create an app in openFrameworks that allows a user to set the playback speed/direction and panning of an audio track by drawing and connecting points on a screen. Each points x and y co-ord was mapped to a -1 to 1 value and then the output was used to change the playback of audio samples or songs. The result was warped audio tracks that were reminiscent of their previous selves with distorted or glitching effetcs, as well as small artworks through a series of points stored in an ofLine.

Resources used


Text and Narrative

This lesson featured text generation in the form of poetry and using RNG's to replace common lexical sections of sentences to other variations to create new forms of narrative.


Iteration 1: Poetry Creation


We each chose a poem (I chose Lewis Carroll's The Jabbawocky) and were asked to isolate each lexical component, such as nouns, verbs and adjectives. We then made a list of replacements for these, and got a friend to choose at random which ones they wanted to use with dice. We then substituted them into our poems and made funny or nonsensical poems from them.

Iteration 2: Lyrics Generator

I used's Dan's poetry generator, alongside the updates to adding text files to the program to generate song lyrics using a text dump of my favourite album 'Puzzle' by 'Biffy Clyro'.

The resultant lyrics were as follows:

hairy eyes a dozen corpses on the radio cause everyone everything it wonder world sleep is burn burn burn tonight on my eyeball me im a fire and ill i demand stars and looking apart im a fire and ill burn tonight im a fire and yourself what im just ask here we made it too i cant hope than i've cause i've cause its such a hellslide here one except the conversation but its that i want you just sentimes what you and cause is a gaze for you'll climb a thousand more if you're no love truth television help us

The last tuplet of 'television help us' is particularly daunting...


Procedural Environments

Lecture Missed due to sickness