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Details of hardware available in the Creative Technology course. Speak to your module leader or project supervisors if there is equipment you would like to borrow, or additional equipment you would like to request.

For additional equipment (cameras, Android tablets, tripods etc) please see the UWE project room on the ground floor in Q block, Frenchay Campus. You can see the online catalogue and book equipment from the project room here [[1]]

NB. See also the tools pages for software and online tools listings.

Interface hardware

Computing hardware

  • Nexus 7 and 9 Android tablets [[4]]
  • Samsung galaxy s7
  • iPad mini2 tablets
  • Rasberry Pi computers
  • Raspberry Pi touchscreen modules
  • High spec laptop
  • Apple MacOS MacMini computers for installation and demo/dev work

Camera and AV equipment

  • GoPro video cameras
  • Canon 5DMKIII pro-stills and video camera with various lenses
  • Kodak Pixpro video cameras
  • Samsung Gear360 360 immersive video cameras and SD cards
  • Minirig speakers[[5]]
  • Green Screen video backdrop
  • Genelec Speakers
  • Kinect 1414 3D depth sensors
  • Intel Real-sense 3D depth sensors

Other hardware

  • Google cardboard headsets [[6]]
  • HTC Vive VR headsets and Controllers with Hi-Spec windows laptop
  • Oculus Go Headsets
  • ZOOM handheld stereo audio recorders
  • Media players
  • USB hubs
  • Mini projectors
  • Amazon echo
  • assorted brainstorming boxes, paper, pens, stickies, scissors etc
  • assorted LCD screens and keyboards (various sizes) for hacking