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In this 30 Credit module you will learn to design and evaluate creative computing solutions to satisfy design specifications by integrating modern visual, audio and interactive software and hardware technologies.

Assignment in brief

You will each research, design and develop an interactive Audio/Visual system based upon some aspect of nature in or around Bristol. Your design, system or creative work is to be aimed primarily at engaging children and will be designed for installation in a specific context in Bristol. This context may be interior or exterior at a museum, public building or public space in the Bristol city area. The form, creative content, and timespan of your designed installation is your decision. You will use technologies, ideas and techniques covered in the taught component of this module combined with your own research and learning. The system will use sensor or data input from two or more sources and output in any medium you decide. The system will exhibit some identifiable kind of complex behaviour or intelligence

* Activity 1 – Conduct design based research.
* Activity 2 – Create a design proposal and present it.
* Activity 3 – Prototype a creative solution, document it and present it
* Activity 4 – Document your project using a design-blog/portfolio.


The following is a list of the specific deliverables that must be submitted in order to fulfil the requirements of the brief. You will submit and be assessed on: A report in PDF format which contains the following:

1. A research journal. 1500 words  
2. Your design proposal. 500 words
3. A prototype report. 1000 words

You will then provide the following:

1. A final prototype or semi functional demonstration.
2. A URL of your blog detailing your project processes.
3. A 90 second video which provides an overview of your project.
4. A 300-word summary of your project with a single image that illustrates your project (as a PDF file)

Marking breakdown

  • Research and blog: 30%
  • Design proposal: 10%
  • Design solution or work: 50%
  • Project summary and video: 10%

Important dates

  • October 22nd – Design brief presentations (progression point).
  • December 4th – Prototype and poster presentation.
  • December 6th 13:59 – Blackboard submission.

Student research blogs

References and bibliography