Creative Technologies Research and Practice 2019-20

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In this 30 credit module we develop research questions and manage the life cycle of a creative technologies project that incorporates the design, implementation, deployment and evaluation of a system that addresses academic or industry stakeholder needs.

Syllabus outline

We will cover a number of differing ideas and approaches and you will be introduced to the range of topics including;

  • Epistemology and ontology and the philosophy of knowledge
  • Designing and conducting a creative technologies research project: reviewing, evaluating and managing literature; identifying aims, objectives and milestones; project management; formulating research questions; ethics
  • Stakeholder engagement including requirements analysis, contexts, proposals, intellectual property, milestones, progress meetings, deployment, documentation
  • History of digital art and the creative technologies.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Generative systems and computer art and music.
  • Research methods including: quantitative data analyses and statistical techniques; surveys and questionnaires; qualitative methods, interviews, discourse analysis and focus groups.
  • Communication and dissemination: academic writing, peer review and public speaking.



The assignment will document the development of a single piece of creative technologies research and should be presented in the format and style of a research manuscript for a creative technologies conference or journal. This will involve demonstrating an ability to create and document an extended piece of work. The paper will also be presented along with a poster at a controlled poster presentation in the format found at academic conferences. Formative assessment and feedback will be provided as part of the practical sessions. Assessment criteria will be supplied with the assignment and presentation specification.

Research questions & Answers


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